Everyone’s Included.

This joy-filled Kindermusik experience creates meaningful moments and enriching interactions between seniors, young children, and their family members or caregivers.

The music and instruments have been carefully chosen to facilitate singing, moving, and instrument play for all ages and cognitive abilities.


Everyone Benefits.

All Kindermusik programs include developmental benefits for young children (like cognitive, social-emotional, and fine motor skills). But did you know our program was specifically created with an aging population in mind?

Bridges is part of an ongoing study with Wake Forest University that looks at the benefits of music and movement and interactions with young children for seniors and their caregivers.


Anyone Can Lead.

The Bridges Kit Includes:

  • Props
  • Instruments
  • Printable Images
  • Story-time Blanket

Plus, You’ll Receive:

  • Online Training
  • Digital Music Files
  • Marketing Resources
  • And More!