Musical Memories Start Here


The joyful music and timeless songs that are a part of Kindermusik are a great way to bring moments of joy and meaningful connections to seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The program has sparked increased communication and expression in seniors.

Giggles and Growth


Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) are a great fit for Bridges by Kindermusik to impact all programs in their organization, from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing.

Become an Educator


Bridges by Kindermusik offers a weekly highlight for Adult Day Centers. Seniors look forward to welcoming and guiding the young children through the lessons and thrive with the weekly class routine.


Knowing the impact of the benefits of intergenerational programming, many communities offer onsite childcare to bring together young children and seniors on a daily basis. Bridges by Kindermusik brings those connections to a heightened level with activities designed to facilitate meaningful interaction through the universal language of music.


Bridges benefits the caregivers and Families who care for seniors. The program provides an ongoing positive and happy experience, frequently resulting in improved mood for their patients or loved ones. Many caregivers bring in their own families and children because of the numerous positive outcomes of Bridges by Kindermusik.


The Kindermusik program is researched-based to benefit the whole child, from critical brain development to social-emotional growth. The children have the added benefit of experiencing positive interactions with grandfriends. Plus, the joyful experiences continue at home because Bridges provides families with access to the Kindermusik songs!