Expressions Blossom Through Music

Before participating in the Bridges program, Helen was typically expressionless and non-communicative. Just 14 weeks into the program, Helen truly blossomed, her expressions exuded joy, and she began to communicate verbally, both at the center and with family at home.



The Powerful Effect of Intergenerational Music Programs

Wake Forest School of Medicine is conducting a feasibility study on the impact of quality of life from participation in Bridges by Kindermusik. Working closely with Senior Services Inc. of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, more than 1.8 million data points have been collected regarding mood, stress, and sense of purpose.

What Participants and Activity Directors Are Saying about Bridges

“It makes me feel good to be around children. It makes me happy.” -Linda, Senior Participant, Age 85

“The overall class experience has been joyful and full of energy– more than we ever expected.” -Sara Romanik, Activity Director, Senior Services Williams Adult Day Center

“My parents live far away, and I wanted my son to have interaction with the elderly. I’ve seen relationships blossom during the 14 weeks of class.” -Lorra Mellor, Mom of 22-month-old Sayre

“There is a lot of love and beauty in a multi-generational environment that you can’t capture in a traditional music class.” -Christy Robinson, Mom of 18-month-old Libby